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21st Century Solutions For The Built Environment

M10 Fire Consultancy provided a platform of expertise to serve: Architects, Developers, Engineers, Building Designers, Owners and Occupiers, Facilities Managers, Risk Managers, Health and Safety Managers, and Building Insurers.

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Fire Safety Engineering Design

As user demands on the built environment increase so the building design solutions become increasing complex. The existing framework of regulations within the UK provides a degree of flexibility, however, guidance and enforcement do not always keep pace with designers' imaginations. Fire Safety Engineering offers the designer far greater freedom in the design of space while ensuring compliance with Building Regulations.

M10 offers the following services to support design and development of new buildings, refurbishment and the regeneration of existing buildings:

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Regulatory Compliance

M10 provide the following services to aid in achieving regulatory compliance:

  • Guidance on meeting current and future legislation
  • Fire Safety Design Review and Audit
  • Plan Checking for Building Regulations Compliance
  • Insurance requirements
  • Liaison with Building Control and Fire Authority

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Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment has been a fundamental part of fire safety legislation since 1997. However, with the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, in October 2006, the need for a business to have a current Fire Risk Assessment has increased.

Our Technical Director Dr Miles Owarish was involved in the development of some of the guidance documents to support the new legislation and we are therefore able to offer a greater insight into the intentions of this Order.

We can assist in the production of your Fire Risk Assessment or we can audit your fire risk assessment for regulatory compliance.

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Fire Safety Management

Fire safety management should form an integral part of good corporate governance and business practice. By carefully balancing the risks present within a working environment with the measures implemented to provide a good level of safety for employees the operating costs can be kept to a minimum.

Over 60% of the businesses that experience a significant fire either never recover or cease trading shortly thereafter. By carefully developing an effective set of emergency plans for dealing with a fire, and contingency plans to support rapid recovery following a fire it is possible to significantly improve the chances of your business surviving a fire.

M10 offer a range of services to support good fire safety management, these include:

  • Fire Precautions and Prevention Training
  • Emergency Planning assistance
  • Contingency Planning assistance
  • Fire Safety Audit

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